Breakaway Classic Adventures

What’s New as of September, 2021

Along with all of our international outfitters we are very optimistic that our trips for 2022 will start running as scheduled, the only drawback is that we are now backlogged until 2023 for booking new trips.

Canada has no openings for Arctic Char until 2023 but we do have space in the last week of August, 2022 for Char in Greenland, call or email Indrek today to reserve a spot.

We have reopened our bookings for Golden Dorado in Argentina for 2022 click here to receive more information. We have 7 different floats to do making every day of a week’s fishing different from the other. The "Patagonia" section (just below the dam) is crystal clear and is superb for sight fishing. Since the water is slightly colder, only small dorado up to 15 lbs can be caught here with an average fish being 6 lbs. The rest of the floats can surprise the angler with fish up to 30 lbs.

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