Should We Die Tomorrow


"Should we die tomorrow and be handed a second run at life…we would choose to live with migratory fishes and ruffed grouse. I wonder why more Buddhists don’t fly fish."

We took our daughter fly-fishing for the first time when she was three. It was summer and hatches-a-plenty. The Pine River in Michigan always proved itself with quality fly fishing, due largely to the care and management of local responsible citizens.

The collage of river pictures of that first day is testament to the quality of the time and space. We shared the river with otters, beaver, Wood Ducks….even Mergansers! Don’t think that the adventure of that day has ever left our daughter’s heart.

“Teach your children well”, the song said. As children grow and life finds change let these adventures call them back when life seems a little more challenging than expected. You will live forever in the sharing you give your child.

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