Arctic Char, Narsaq, Greenland

ARTICLE BY Halldor Ingvason, Novenber 30, 2019

Wild landscapes of icebergs, rivers, oceans and wildlife like you would not believe. Greenland is an experience you will never forget. During summertime the arctic char run the rivers and lakes from the ocean. Their colors can vary from bright silver to greenish yellow, gray with orange, black with deep red and everything in between.

Greenland might be a long way from anywhere but it offers the adventurous fly fisher an opportunity to experience a different world. Wild landscapes of icebergs, rivers, oceans and wildlife like you would not believe. Greenland is an experience you will never forget. Greenland offers some of the finest fly fishing on the planet, the ecosystem is unspoiled unlike anywhere on earth, offering perfect clean water for the millions of sea run arctic char which migrate the many streams of South Greenland. This is a lot more than just a fishing trip. This is a chance to experience wilderness at its most pure and perfect.

Most waters that we fish do not get more than 20 fishing days per year. The arctic char have never seen a fly before in their lives. For fly fishing we use primarily dry flies, nymphs and streamers. Emergers, gurglers and other surface flies can also be used and will also produce fish.

If you like clean air, crystal clear waters, peaceful scenery, strong fish, in good average size and in great numbers then Greenland is possibly the best destination for Char fishing than anywhere in the world. Our staff will guarantee you will have a relaxing and fun filled fishing trip. For complete trip details visit South Greenland Fly Fishing.

Our guests are accommodated in Hotel Narsaq. Hotel Narsaq is something special! In addition to top quality and service, Hotel Narsaq offers a personal touch and attention to detail. With a bakery in the hotel for newly baked goods every morning and a microbrewery for a nice local beer in the evening, you will have a relaxing time. Upon arrival and after your fly fishing guide’s briefing for the next day is done, it’s time to either go to sleep, or for the adventurous, have a visit at the bar, where the local brewed Qajaq beer is served. This beer is made in Narsaq with pure glacial water. Visit Qajaq Brewing Company, Greenland

After a long day of fishing and hiking, its good to come back to the hotel, take a shower, have an excellent meal and relax in the cafe or at the bar until bedtime.

Fly fishermen/women are also offered the possibility to visit waters that require a longer boat excursion (3 to 4 hours). In those cases we recommend one or more days of overnight camping. You stay in our tents (or you bring your own) and enjoy cosy evenings at the campfire, after the guide has cooked fresh caught char with rice or pasta! On your way back you can choose to visit one of the natural hot springs. Imagine how it feels to relax in a hot spring with a view over the fjord where Icebergs are drifting by.

In addition, sightseeing trips take you around the icebergs or to the inland ice, where the Greenland ice cap meets the ocean. Also you can go for a walk around town and learn about Greenlandic culture and their food. The mountain is also a popular hiking destination as is the Norse viking settlement in Brattahlid

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