Breakaway Classic Adventures

Whatís New for 2020 as of May 20th

Due to concerns of the pandemic we are putting on hold all new bookings for the remainder of this year. We will run trips that are already scheduled if conditions change or permit.

A new decade is upon us and as in the previous three and half decades that we have been in business we continually strive to refine and expand our offerings to our existing and loyal clientele or for the first time visitor.

NEW Destinations:

We are excited to announce our first hosted trip to Patagonia to the Las Pitras Lodge. Visit this link for details: Las Pitras Lodge

Please visit our River Dog Fly Shop for recently added products from Duluth Pack & Maine Pack Baskets, excellent hunting and fishing knives from Buck, Marttiini and our own line of fly boxes and accessories. We are most excited to offer to you flies specific for each game fish that we offer trips for tied by our own guides.

Due to circumstances out of our control game patterns have recently been affected by climate change, loss of habitat and or over pressure. Some regions no longer offer quality outdoor pursuits and have caused us to explore new regions and form new partnerships.

Most recently we have teamed up with South Greenland Fly Fishing to offer unique fly fishing opportunities for Arctic Char after the sale of Rapid Lake Lodge in Nunavik, our mainstay at one time. We still offer Arctic Char trips to Fred Hamiltonís High Arctic Lodge in Nunavut , Canada.

Caribou and Musk Ox are no longer available in our traditional hunting grounds or Nunavik and Nunavut so Kevin Mattice of High North Outfitting has taken his big game hunting trips to Greenland as well. Costs are very reasonable and travel is actually quite easy flying through Copenhagen, Denmark.

NEW Last Minute Opportunities and Discounted Trips:

Many of our outfitters send us cancelation notices and vacancies with reduced cost hope to fill last minute openings. We will start listing these on our website and send out news letters to those of you that have subscribed. Savings can be substantial but notice might be tight so make sure your bags are packed and you have a rainy day slush fund adequately shored up.

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